Emotions as Shapes Pt: 01

Ideas Generation & Development in Art & Design.

Immediate responses to words.
Immediate responses to words.

As a first class on this diploma course I found this one interesting, challenging & perhaps a little unsettling all in equal measures. Having not tackled an exercise like this before I found it a little difficult, though its importance in laying the basis for methods in idea generation was not lost on me.

First Impressions Developed
First Impressions Developed

The two images above show the most immediate¬† responses to the list of words followed by a little….unsuccessful… further development of my first responses.

The image below shows a further attempt at this exercise, however, I decided to keep my responses a little more simplified in that I used just a line or circle. This wasn’t so much a conscious decision as that it just felt more comfortable.

A fresh attempt at the excercise.
A fresh attempt at the exercise.

After attempting this exercise at home I followed up with an attempt to find some further reading relating to this task & found an interesting post here. It was interesting to see that the author referenced a study where people reacted to two lines. If the lines were slanted like this // then the line leaning towards the other was seen as “bossy” and the line leaning away as “submissive”.

I was interested to find that in my second attempt above, firstly that I used simple lines to represent my responses, and second that some of my responses correlated to that of the study.

Further development of these results to follow.


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