National Botanic Garden – Dublin

National Botanic Gardens.
The brief for this exercise is to produce a series of aprox 50 images to be considered for use in our poster project & other future projects. The images could be used either in part or in whole or even just as inspiration for the production of a film poster.
Being a place I have photographed on many occasions & was very comfortable there & already had some ideas of what I would like to shoot. Shooting for fun is great but actually having a given end task makes it that much more exciting.

Starting in the indoor exhibition I concentrated on getting close up to objects. As I didn’t anticipate being able to use a full object as part of a poster I wanted to create a body of textures, patterns & backgrounds that I could use. Getting up close & choosing to use a wide open aperture of F/2.8 meant that I had a very shallow depth of field. This helped to focus attention on the part of the subject I actually wanted to record.

I managed to find a few images that I was happy to use, a surprising one being the blue glass window above on the landing outside the exhibition which only goes to show that you should always be open to images no matter where you are.

Other images were found in the most surprising of places such as beneath a tree where I found HS_HND_01028this checker board. The play of light across the tiles was really pleasing.


Moving into the greenhouse areas I found that the style of images available moved to being more structural & architectural in nature with lots of leading lines in contrasting directions.

National Botanic Gardens……Never miss an opportunity to shoot contra-jour either…..


As part of my poster design project I experimented with a number of images to create a montage with text to be added to complete the poster. This is the montage with a blue hue taken from the blue glass window & also with a red hue to suggest a little danger. The Image of the crystal was also taken at the exhibition.



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