Word as Image

In this exercise we were to select from a list a word that we could make a mark from. The mark would reflect the feeling & mood of the word and would be used to convey this even if you could not understand the word.


The word I chose was Fresh, and the series of marks I made are represented below.Hugh-Fresh+Swish 2 I felt that the word had a very free flowing sound & was suggestive of growing things & life.

The final chosen image was placed within a storyboard like layout to experiment with different layouts & compositions. Some of them show that the placement is just wrong, crowding the image & giving a feeling of discomfort. Other placements work with a much better feeling, the bottom two of the image on top of this page are much more suggestive of a natural environment for the word & the feeling it generates.wpid-2015-10-20-14.28.14.jpg.jpeg





Below is the finished set of layouts placed on complimentary backgrounds.





Some of the less successful methods to covey the words feeling were to place the mark & word on to a background image such as that below, however, the image tended to take away from the words feeling & served only as a distraction.

Fresh_Panels-03 Fresh_Panels-02


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