Artist Research Project

Marian Bantjes.

Marian is an advocate of self reinvention & self appraisal. Her willingness to constantly reinvent herself shows a desire to be constantly chasing the next idea, not to stagnate and to see her work evolve from concept to something that can be viewed used & even changed & used again by the viewing public.

Marian Bantjies – Saks

Her work can be extremely ornate which can make it hard to read. However, the work she did for the Saks campaign, above, I feel really complimented the assignment, the flowing flowery script type of imagery she is known for was well suited for targeting the Saks clientele.

Interview with Eye Magazine

Steve Simpson.

I really love the work of Steve Simpson. It has so many details & great depth. There is a great dynamic in his work, no matter what the subject matter there is always something to keep the eye moving around the image in both 2 dimensions and also in scale. The eye is forced to keep moving & working hard to capture all that is going on in the scene.

His use of colour is really good, the way he uses it to either bring an element forward or back, emphasize or de-emphasize other elements.


Ben Newman.

Well, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this  guys subject matter but technically his images are stunning. They tend very much toward the Anime crossed with a dark Animal Farm. They are almost photo realistic & the directness of the connection between the character & the viewer in some of the images can be a little unsettling.

His use of dark areas of shading creates a somewhat ominous tone.



Its interesting how a little side step on the web can throw up some simmilar…but very different results. This is the OTHER Ben Newman, Artist & the content is somewhat different.

The real Ben Newman

A more in depth review of Ben Newman follows in the next post.

Having looked at the real Ben Newman, as studied in class, I have found two things. Firstly……Don’t trust Google 100%.

Secondly, I like his use of colour & the influence his technical drawing background has had on his designs.

He likes to use strong colours & straight lines or geometric shapes. Not having great freehand drawing ability myself I am encouraged to see that straight lines still have their place in illustration.


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