Poster Design


I am a real fan of the more minimalist style of poster design. One of my favorite artists is Albert Exergian and his personal project of TV & Film posters.

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Poster 01

Diego Bellorin, Brazil. This artist has a very energetic style & the album artwork he has created here is really colourful & keeps your eye moving around the design.





Mood lines in poster design.

Mood Lines

The ability to control & affect a viewers mood by using design concepts has to be the closest one can come to mind control in Graphic Design. John Ormsbee Simonds created a series of “Mood Lines” that can be used in a composition that can affect how a viewer see’s, reacts to & even stores the information in a design.


Paul Rand

An interesting article on how an artist can be viewed as essential to a business project, and how Paul Rand changed the convention on who took the lead in advertising campaigns.

Saul Bass

Saul Bass is famous for many areas of his work but I really like his work on his film credits & his poster work. Titles such as Spartacus & Cape Fear, and posters for Such Good Friends, Magnificent Seven & Schindler’s List.

Title sequences by Saul & Elaine Rand. Cape Fear Good fellas & North by North West

Title Sequences by Saul & Elaine Bass


Some contemporary designers have some interesting, though not surprisingly similar, things to say about the process of poster design. When asked what makes a good poster, these designers were all singing from the same sheet.

Well my typical design process is research, research, thinking and thinking again, doing scribbles, doing layouts. Often when I am not satisfied with a result I start over again until it fits to my personal visual aim. Götz Gramlich Germany.

The concept is the vital part of a good poster; The form isn’t far behind from the concept; it has as much value. Elmer Sosa. Mexico.

I usually begin with sketches. Sometimes I just think and think a lot about concept of a poster, then I put it on paper to give it an visual form and then I can actually see whether it has a potential or not. I never start designing posters by sitting in front of the computer trying to make some new combinations, for instance, because the idea is the most important on poster for me and computer is just a tool that helps me to give shape to my ideas. Dalida Karic-Hadziahmetovic. Bosnia Hertzegovina.



How to create visual tension in art.

A square shape showing its structural skeleton

Creating tension in art.



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