Final Poster Design & Critique

Final Poster Design
The Birds – by Alfred Hitchcock

This is the final design of my poster for the movie The Birds, by Alfred Hitchcock.

The original concept for this design began with developing an idea using sketches, mind maps and some research on previous poster ideas already designed.

The next step was to use a selection of images taken during our shoot at the National Botanic Gardens. Images were chosen & a design began to take shape in Illustrator.

However, as the first version of the design began to take shape I felt it was becoming too complicated & the elements were taking over the poster leaving no room for the message.

I went back to the concept stage & developed some more ideas. I finally narrowed it down to a simple design consisting of the title, a bird on a ledge & a line of blood.

I sourced some images online to be used as elements within my design. These were converted to vector images & placed in the design.

My final design placed the bird on a ledge in the top right corner & the title in a bold font in the bottom left. This will create a diagonal aspect to the overall design adding a touch of tension. I then intended to place a line of blood extending from the feet of the bird running down the design. The contrast between the black & white design & the blood red element is intended to add another sinister aspect to the final poster.

To get the blood trail I placed a white plate glass panel on a slope & back lit it to create a light box effect. I then sprayed a blood spray on the glass & let it roll down in a line. I then photographed this, imported it & cleaned it up in Photoshop, then placed it within my design.

Treatment of Font.

I chose a very heavy & bold font for the title, Myriad Pro set to bold. I then added a black stroke to the title to make it heaver again. Then, taking an image of a feather I converted it to a vector & added it to the trailing edge of each letter to give it texture & be suggestive of the birds.

I used a Hollywood font for the directors name. I used the image of a bird of prey converted to a vector shape which I placed on the ledge which is a simple line made by a rough brush in Illustrator.

Colour Theory.

Dark red is associated with vigor, willpower, rage, anger, leadership, courage, longing, malice, and wrath.

Final Assessment.

Having tried a number of solutions to this brief and discounting the ideas that did not fit my end goal I believe I have produced a poster that fits most if not all points on the brief.

There are a number of areas that I could change, however I honestly believe that to add more elements to this composition would not add to its impact in any significant way. I could have placed a tag line or some descriptive text on the poster however I feel that the intent of the brief was to attempt to make the poster speak for its self & ask the viewer some critical questions about what is happening. (See below for further alternatives).

I believe this poster does ask these questions. If I was to view the poster for the first time I think I would be wondering what the bird was doing & where it came from. What was it doing that has left the stream of blood  down the page, is it waiting for something.?

The blood stream ties the two main elements together using a strong red colour, the eye is then forced to travel back to the bird from the title in a diagonal manor thus introducing a diagonal tension to the composition.

I think that the top left & center of the poster has a lot of empty or white space. There is a nearly overwhelming urge to fill this space with content, however, I really feel that this space adds tension to the design and most importantly to add content to this space just for the sake of filling it would be wrong. I strongly believe that if something does not add to a composition it takes away.

Proof Assessment.

On proofing my poster in print form I found 2 issues. Firstly, I was not happy with the sharpness of my blood trail so I had a look at the output settings when processing the raw file & ensured it was at its highest reasonable setting. I then added a touch of sharpening in photoshop to ensure its crispness.

Secondly, I found that I was still getting a little haloing around the blood trail where some of the original colour was still being picked up & showing on the print. I re-cleaned around it to remove any remaining colour pixles. Another proof will be done to asses the changes.

Alternative Designs.

The Birds 3 Web
All elements.
The Birds 2 Web
Running couple Eements









Final thoughts.

I feel that having tried to develop alternative designs using the elements & techniques developed in class I felt a strong need to be using all the elements such as the images taken in the Botanic Gardens etc. However, this was resulting, not in a very conscious way, in designs that were very forced & with far too much information in them. This resulted in designs that were not very clear in their message.

Perhaps it was in going through those designs that lead me back to what I have always felt I preferred, simple, clean & uncluttered designs. Almost minimalist to a point. In this regard I feel that I have managed to hit all my goals on the brief.


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