Artist Research cont:

The real Ben Newman

Having looked at the real Ben Newman, as studied in class, I have found two things. Firstly……Don’t trust Google 100%.

Secondly, I like his use of colour & the influence his technical drawing background has had on his designs.

He likes to use strong colours & straight lines or geometric shapes. Not having great freehand drawing ability myself I am encouraged to see that straight lines still have their place in illustration.

While a lot of Ben’s published work seems to involve almost vector like images with straight lines & geometric shapes, his more personal work uses many more techniques. I was quite taken with his use of paints & masks on wood & would like to try to emulate this work myself. However, while I did attempt to take inspiration from this for use in my Vynal Album Cover using water colours & ink I found that I wasn’t quite ready to experiment on a project that had a limited time frame.

Ben uses a mixture of paints onto various materials. His wood pieces begin with him marking out his drawing then cutting the outlines with blade. His reasoning is that if he makes a mistake then it’s more permanent & becomes part of the work.

He then plays down masks with tape & paints in the various shapes. He will often cut holes in the tape to place a shape in another block of colour.

Using a mixture of brushes & sponges to apply the paint its a very manual approach to each piece of art. However, Ben still maintains that the artwork he works on for himself is just playing and that while he regularly uses software to work on images it is just part of the process & not the entirety of it.

He uses very strong colours in his work but has very sparingly used shading, giving a sharp change from colour to colour.

Ben Newman has a strong background in technical drawing which influenced his use of strong lines & shapes. He uses music to compliment & encourage his moods and considers geometric shapes his work colleagues.


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