Historical Image, Font & Palette Task.

The purpose of this task is to choose an image from 3 Art Style Movements, select a colour palette that is associated with this movement & also choose a font that is also associated with the movement.

The 3 Style Movements that I have chosen are Art Deco, Pop Art & De Stijl.

The fonts I have used are Bifur for Art Deco, the reviled Comic Sans for the Pop art & Theo Van Doesburg for the De Stijl movement.

They are not 3 fonts that I would choose to use often myself, Bifur is very difficult to read with all the lines & shading through the letters. Theo Van Doesburg is a very blocky font, not that easy to read & would only have a limited number of uses. I wouldn’t normally use Comic Sans either because its…..well, its Comic Sans.

Here is the final image created for the task.

Colour & Font Palettes task_LoRes


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