Butlers Chocolate Typography & Packaging.

Butlers Chocolate Typography & Packaging.

In creating the packaging design for the Butlers Vintage range I decided to create the sub-logo in the typeface Bifur. This allowed me to put a visible Art Deco association to the product when viewed by the consumer.

The use of a very strong Art Deco style font helped to communicate the essence & mood that comes with anything Art Deco namely the style & quality of the 30’s.

I have shown my process in exploring alternative solutions to this project in the posting Here. However I went with a very structured design rather than the usual look of fruit etc.


Aside from the Sub Logo, I used standard font for use on the back of the packaging as per standard convention. Using Bifur for the contents & ingredients as well as specifications would not be suitable or very readable.

Butlers Wrap 2
Type conventions for ingredients.

A lot of the work we produced through the year had a large impact on my designs.

The word as image project, altering the look of  a word to communicate the meaning to the viewer. By playing with the typeface or adding in an element you can communicate a visual message even when the viewer may not be able to read the word its self.

Word-As-Image_Playful Word-As-Image_Energy






The anatomy of a typeface & the Modular font project gave us the opportunity to better understand the terminology at mechanics of font. This allowed us to better understand the relationship between the typographical elements & design elements of our project.







The Movie Poster project was another opportunity for us to work with & understand the relationship between type, elements & space. As well as developing the ability to communicate an idea or message through the use of design.

The Birds 1

The Eye Magazine Layout project brought a lot of elements together & asked us to design a pleasing & functional layout. I was forced to utilise aspects of design such as the use of a Grid structure (Swiss Style), the relationship between Type & space, the choice of imagery suitable to the article. While I was constrained by specifications to use a particular font & point size, I did have to make some choices regarding the size of headings & sub-headings. It was also very useful working out the use of templates for presenting the finished design.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



For the finished Butlers project I brought all of these elements together in the final designs.

I had to follow recognised conventions when it came to laying out the ingredients & other info on the back of the packaging, but I was able to choose a typeface that suited my chosen style of Art Deco.

I then used the experience gained in earlier projects when choosing where to place all the elements such as the Logo, Sub-logo & main design elements.

All the research done when looking at the many periods of art history was a great help when trying to  generate a coherent design style for my packaging.

All in all I feel I have presented a set of designs that meet the briefs for the Butlers Packaging Project.


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