Journey – Dublin, A City Through Time: Initial proposal.



A City Through Time

My goal is to produce a travel book aimed at the younger age groups. Primarily for new visitors to the city by way of an introduction to Dublin & the history behind it’s culture. The possible uses for this book however go far beyond just a travel book & I hope to explore more opportunities for it.

Having produced a mind map of possible directions for this project, I settled on creating the travel book. This is most likely due to my having this project on my mind for a long time anyhow & could see the 2016-09-28-13.03.19.jpg.jpgmany opportunities & possibilities for it, my mind was predisposed to finding ideas for it.  Some of the alternative ideas I created included a walking book either in Ireland or the Camino which I intend to do next year. A walking tour of Dublin, and the development of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Research Mindmap

My starting point for this project was to create a mind map of dates, events, historical & cultural buildings & structures from which to draw my narrative. I have already created an outline timeline to begin my research collection. As soon as I begin to dig deeper the more information & ideas will surface.

One of the bigger challenges I face on this project is expected to be when I get to the deeper level of information on each item and in verifying the details. Also, the studies I expect to have to conduct into visitor numbers & habits are something I have never done, I expect this part to be especially challenging.

Research Methods

I will need to gather resources from a number of areas including the historical information, which I plan to get from Books, Library, Online & visits to exhibitions & tours all over the city. I will also be hoping to gather information from publishers, Failte Ireland & the CSO. I will then also be gathering information from direct observation & studies of my own.

I have begun to dig deeper into the history of Dublin to find elements for the project, however, one of the biggest problems I have come up against is the shear volume of information that is so interesting. I am finding myself getting too dug in and am spending too much time making a comprehensive list rather than perhaps skimming the information & picking a highlights list from it.

The images here are notes & sketches I have made when researching, and the PDF below shows the beginnings of a short list I have begun so that I can start to gather elements that I will actually use instead of pure research, along with some outline sketches.


2016-11-09-20.42.54.jpg.jpg 2016-11-09-20.44.06.jpg.jpg


What is the Difference between Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research?

Irish best selling book list for September 2016, including children’s books. (Dissect by genre) (No travel books on the list)

Best Selling Picture Books | September 2016

Tutorial for Masking in Adobe Illustrator. Used to make the water spray on the introduction Stop motion video.



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