Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture

3 of the main types of Brand Architecture include:

Corporate – Endorsed – Branded

A corporate brand is one that would be specific to just one company such as FedEx, Ben & Gerry’s or The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear Pesto - Alan Rowlette Photography. Packaging Shoot. Product Photography.
The Happy Pear Pesto – Alan Rowlette Photography.


What is an endorser brand?

An endorser brand is made up of individual and distinct product brands, which are linked together by an endorsing parent brand. The endorsing parent brand plays a supportive and linking role, and, in many respects, an endorser brand architecture can be seen as an inversion of a sub-brand brand architecture.

The key hallmarks of an endorsing brand architecture are as follows

  1. Product or service brands (for simplicity, all referred to as “product brands” in this post)  linked together by an endorsing brand.
  2. The product brands and the endorsing brands will each have their own brand attributes, including a name, logo, brand promise, position and personality.
  3. The product brands will have each have their own brand marketing and will need to rely on their own value propositions to succeed.
  4. Despite the distinctness of each product brand, the essential ingredient for a successful endorsing brand architecture is that there is a link between (i) the higher-level brand promise of the endorsing parent brand and (ii) the product brand. This link is what provides the assurance to the customer that if they like one product in the family of the endorsing brand, then a sibling brand is also worthy of consideration.

An example of an endorsed brand would be Virgin, Fox or Tesco.

 FOX Networks

Brand Architecture: What Is an Endorser Brand?

An example of a branded brand would be Johnson & Johnson, Nestle & BMW

bmw-brandsBMW is the parent company for a number of other distinct brands the operate under their own brand identity.


Country Fresh would fall under the heading of a Branded company as it has another brand under its umbrella called Ballymaguire Foods. This is a distinctly separate brand but is controlled by the parent company.



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