Creative Conditions Group Brain Storm

Below is the result of a group brain storming session where suggestions were made as to means of encouraging or improving creativity in various environments. Schools, workplace, public & private spaces can all benefit from increased creativity & fresh ways at looking at everyday processes or problems.

Creative brainstorming session.

The resulting list includes:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Doodle Coffee cups
  3. Flexi-time to reduce stress
  4. Change of work space layout
  5. Use of PC’s instead of Desktops to introduce mobility
  6. Built in fish tanks, in the walls or floor
  7. Public editable artworks
  8. Food show & tell days
  9. Culture days
  10. A how-to corner. People post requests & someone who has the knowledge can answer or instruct.
  11. Massage days.
  12. Wall with changing scenery
  13. Pet room
  14. More access to libraries
  15. Art display area for inspiration
  16. Communal whiteboard for idea generation
  17. Free or cheap art materials
  18. More green spaces
  19. Graffiti spaces
  20. Green spaces or plant sanctuary’s to de-stress
  21. Men’s/Women’s sheds
  22. Open workspaces
  23. Vending machines
  24. Improved lighting
  25. Beanbags
  26. Desk/table layout
  27. Nutrition education
  28. More/less Wifi
  29. Outdoor classrooms
  30. Sketch walls or digital white boards in y our workspace
  31. Headphones
  32. Music
  33. Comfortable clothes
  34. Area’s for aggression/frustration release
  35. Tai Chi
  36. Mobile workshops/art shops
  37. Outdoor Gyms
  38. Nap times/Power Naps
  39. Reward schemes
  40. Competition
  41. Tinder style app for art
  42. Travel opportunities
  43. Cultural exchange
  44. Art activities using recycled materials
  45. Supply of water bottles
  46. Access to new products
  47. Field trips to places such as Science Museum
  48. Reading areas/material
  49. Workplace personalisation
  50. Music events in the workplace
  51. Desktop sketch pad
  52. Team building

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