Re-branding & Brand Refresh

Original Brand identities V’s New identities

The decision to re-brand is not one that should ever be taken lightly. Done well, it can reinvigorate interest & sales & give the a brand fresh momentum. Done poorly however & it can see your brand flatline.


Here are some examples of brands that have gone through the re-branding process.


Here is a link to some of the good & bad re-branding of 2014. One of the bigger trends seems to be that of creating a flat logo or word mark, without any depth or character. The Netflix logo seems to be one of the bigger offenders in this.








The brand I have chosen, Country Crest, is an example of an invented brand identity as it was created from scratch in 1993, although it has drawn on a history & tradition going back nearly 100 years. It has continued to reinvent the channels through which it promotes it’s self & has become a parent brand after it introduced the sub brand of Ballymaguire Foods.

While the branding of both companies is separate & distinct, there are similarities with them both.

Country Crest Logo & Website
Ballymaguire foods Logo & Website.





Both websites are very similar in their layout & colour palette. The font used is incredibly similar in that they use a slightly heavy font weight with rounded serifs that give a feeling of growing life. The logos, while very different, still give a feeling of growth & life speaking to the business they represent.


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