Critical review of job advertisments

productThis post will look at a number of current advertisements for Graphic Designers. I will be analysing  the ads for useful information and key points to be aware of when applying for jobs.

This is a business to consumer company with international scope and dealing with both print & online design.

Key skills needed for this role are Idea conception, Illustration, Digital software skills, time management. Some experience in product design, be self driven and a good awareness of the market.


This position is a short term contract where you would need to make an impact to progress to a link-5longer contract.

A good knowledge of the retail industry would be a benefit for this position as you would be dealing with print production of point of sale materials. You need to be able to work as a team player with good attention to detail. A good understanding of a brief is essential, good time management & organizational skills are needed also.

They are looking for 2-3 years experience but it’s an entry level position so good presentation & other relevant experience could land the role.

link-4This is a paid internship role for someone who has a good appreciation for sports. The successful applicant would have a good multi media background and a good level of experience with the Adobe suite. The would need to be dynamic & willing to multi task while working on a wide range of projects.


This position is looking for a mid to senior designer and sounds like they are looking for someone to eventually take the lead with a design team or department.


3 years experience is required in a similar position and will be designing for print & signage. (I have some good managerial experience that could actually fit this role.) They are looking for someone who is self driven but capable of looking after and working within  a team. High quality personal standards are a must.

Hard working, positive attitude, a deep understanding of the brief and a willingness to adapt it to better suit the clients needs. Good communication skills and time management are needed.


This could probably go into the class of my dream job category. They are looking for an art capturedirector to work in the retail industry of FMCG brands (Fast Moving Consumer Goods.)

The ability to deal with all aspects of a brief from understanding its requirements, concept creation, artwork, team leading and sourcing of materials.

On my career map, this is the kind of work I would like to see myself doing in 5 years.




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