Informal Portfolio Presentation

The process of gathering a body of work that best shows the work I have produced to date was a real exercise in culling. I pulled together all the work that I thought was good enough to pull into a shortlist so that I could critically asses it and get some external feedback and begin the process of narrowing it down into a final selection for a portfolio that I would be genuinely happy to show to an employer.

For this process we were given guidelines with which to asses our selections. These headings and my reasoning are listed below, along with the shortlist of work for the informal interview.


The aim of this exercise is to reduce my body of work to a portfolio that shows only the work that best represents me in ability, approach and personality. Removing from my portfolio any work that takes away from the highest standard I can present.

This final portfolio will be used to apply for work and should cover a broad range of both my work and interests while communication my personality and work ethic.

Format – Traditional/Online

I think it’s important to have a physical portfolio that can be presented and examined for a number of reasons. When looking at a body of work, there is only so much a visual representation can communicate, your work is always subject to the medium on which it’s being viewed and a poor quality display can take the impact from your work. Having a physical portfolio overcomes this issue while also giving people a chance to handle the work, ask questions and maybe even get them out of their seat to view it. Getting people out of their seat breaks the spell of the usual interview atmosphere giving you an opportunity to communicate in a more natural way.

That being said I will be focusing on creating a digital portfolio as much as a physical one. The modern digital age means you cannot rule out the large number of people who want to view or share your work digitally. You also need to be able to show that you are comfortable working digitally, to ignore the digital world is to take the chance of being over looked.

Breadth of Work

In my final portfolio I intend to show a representation of the full breadth of my work from both my time in college and from my work as a photographer before. My experience in the field of photography has without doubt influenced my design choices and I continue to use it as a tool to both create and inspire my current work.

I also want to show the areas in which I am interested in working, so from the photographic to branding, video and publication design etc.

Be Selective

I had initially compiled a body of work that covered everything I was eager to show, however, this included a lot of work that brought the overall standard down. I decided to remove the first layer of low level work narrowing it down to the selection in the post below. The body of work that was left will be culled once again to make my final portfolio.


Almost all of my work in the field of design has been created within the past 2 years, that being said I feel there is a big difference in the work from last year to the work done this year.

It’s goes without saying that my photographic work will be selected from the past 10 years or so but the design work such as poster or publication design etc will mostly be from the past 12-18 months.

Context for Work

On some of my portfolio work I will be attempting to place it in the context of either the brief or the project it was designed for. This will attempt to show how the work will be or has been used.


I will be organising my portfolio according to the work that I am most passionate about. I feel this is putting my best foot forward in terms of both physical work and also in terms of my own personality and in how I communicate these qualities in an interview. I will however, most likely finish my portfolio with my photographic work as a way of emphasizing how it under pins and informs my design decisions.

Process – Case Studies

It is important to include at least 1 or 2 examples of how I put a piece of work together and will be including this in my portfolio. The process of how you come to your design decisions can inform an employer on how you approach most tasks.

Personal Projects

This will be a tough topic to communicate as I haven’t taken too much time for personal projects over the past 2 years. However, this may be just the way I am viewing things and there is sure to be work that I do as a form of playing that I didn’t previously consider to be work.

Below is the body of work I compiled for the informal interview and feedback session.




























Motion Graphics










Personal Projects

Skerries 100

Curley Kale

MSS Recruitment & HR

Career Metrics

Dublin Fire Brigade


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