Book Binding

Book Binding

In January 2017 we had the opportunity to partake in a workshop on bookbinding techniques.

While this wasn’t what I thought it would be, it was actually very enjoyable and I even managed to learn a thing or two about the properties of paper and the things you can do with it. As an aside, and speaking of doing things with paper, I always return to this Flickr stream to see what Catherine McBride is doing with paper. It’s a great feed.

We started by getting to know some of the properties of paper such as finding which way the grain goes. We than did some simple folding techniques.


To finish we were shown how to make multiple folds into a notebook and how to make covers for them.

Some of the notebooks and folding exercises can be found in the images below.

While this workshop didn’t have the time to go into too much depth, it did put a bit of a Grá on me for trying some more. After the tutorial shown by Helen Sheridan which covered manual book binding, I went to find a design I liked and found the one below. It was a little more ambitious than what I think was expecting but I really liked the look of the finished product. The YouTube video can be found here.


I took this video and applied it to my brand manual for Grá design. I found a wool in a colour that most closely matched the blue in my brand, in fact it was nearly a perfect match. I couldn’t find any beeswax to coat the wool but went ahead with it anyhow.

I followed the design twice as this gave it a more substantial look when finished.

Here is the finished brand manual with the Japanese bound spine.


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