Curriculum Vitae Redesign

When redesigning my CV I attempted to focus on a number of points.

  • It had to be clean & light. Uncluttered.
  • It needed to show the main points of my career yet allow for follow up conversation.
  • It needed to show some of my personality as a designer.

I also needed to decide whether or not to have a one page CV or 2 pages. There are a lot of arguments out there for both sides but the study below shows that recruiters in general spend only 6-7 seconds on a CV before moving making a decision or moving on. Although I have created 2 styles of CV, a 1 page version and another with 2 pages, I feel more comfortable with the single page version. This gives all the main points of information on a single page that a recruiter can scan while still providing enough information for talking points.

I have also left my experience section to cover the past 18 years.

Here is the study looking at how long recruiters scan a CV and where their eye lingers. EyeTracking-StudyTheLadders-C2

Arguments for length of CV

Length of CV –

I looked at a number of templates and CV’s from other designers but there seems to be a trend of making them “over creative” or gimmicky by using things like bar charts or other colourful diagrams to show how much skills you have in a particular area. I really didn’t want to use these kinds of devices, there is also a lot of advice from professionals saying these look really naff when they are recruiting.

Here are some examples of CV templates for creatives.







Here are the 2 versions of my CV

Hugh Shelley CV 2017 Interactive 2 page

Hugh Shelley CV 2017 interactive


Critical review.

I believe the 1 page CV satisfies the 3 main goals as set out above. Its clean and easy to read and shows a little touch of design flair without over doing it too much. However, it does still hit on all the main points of my experience while leaving a lot of room for further questions and conversation.

That being said, I did create a 2 page CV that gave me a lot more space to put some extra information into. I still used a minimum of text though as there is a limited amount of time a recruiter will spend reading.

I found it hard to write the profile section. It’s not easy writing in the 3rd person.

I used a 10pt font for both versions. I like the look that this gives, however, I may be just a bit small for conventional CV’s. Also, I used an 11pt font for the profile section of the 2 page CV as there was far too much empty space in that area, it may also help to add a little emphasis to that section.



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